I have documented all my discussions, projects and different trends from obtaining my Master's in Information Assurance and my Doctorate in Information Technology.

 The key is - Educate

It is crucial that people are educated about security; how to deter from intrusion at ones organization; and most importantly protecting one self.

Building systems and educating on information assurance have been my exposure more than half of my life.

This is my journey of accomplishments, even more Struggles and a few solutions.

I hope you Enjoy!
Ciphers Substitution / Transposition

Ciphers Substitution / Transposition

Substitution Ciphers

The ‘Start First (I)’ section is to be used first. The following letters (indicated in pic 1) are highlighted to reflect “substitution letters”.

To start you will find the first ciphertext letter which is M.  Look at the ‘Start First (I) section and find M.  Because the substitution letter is in Yellow you will write that letter down, copy the entire bottom row and move over all letters by one.  The last letter will go in the empty space below A.

“T” is the first letter and the ciphertext is highlighted in Yellow (T=M).  Next letter (after moving letters), look for U.  The corresponding letter is H.  You do not need to move the letters.   You will continue moving letter as indicated until all letters are found.

After completion of the cipher moving as indicated, the follow will be revealed:

Transposition Ciphers

I thought I would try something a little different. I have always made of words of some type using numbers (it helps me remember).  I am using the Phone dialog as my transposition cipher.

 The ciphertext is indicated below:


Put the text in the “key order” which will look like this once complete.

Transpose the numbers into letters using the “Key”



Data Privacy

Data Privacy