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Cloud Computing Risks

Cloud Computing Risks

While cloud computing has many positive outcomes it does have quite a few risks that any organization utilizing can face.  “Cloud computing has grabbed the spotlight at this year's RSA Conference, with vendors aplenty hawking products and services that equip IT with controls to bring order to cloud chaos. (InfoWorld, 2013)”.  

The article 9 top threats to cloud computing security reviews the risks and we will discuss a few of them.  The top threat would be the “data breaches”.  Why would hackers breach into something they were not going to get use out of?  With cloud computing reaching “87% in 2014” why wouldn’t it be top priority for intruders (Weins, 2014)?

“The challenge in addressing these threats of data loss and data leakage is the measures you put in place to mitigate one can exacerbate the other," according to the report. You could encrypt your data to reduce the impact of a breach, but if you lose your encryption key, you'll lose your data (InfoWorld, 2013)”. 

Then we come to another risk with cloud computing “DoS - denial of service and it ranks as the fifth-greatest security threat to cloud computing”.  We have all heard and can see what DoS is and does and it has actually more of an issue with cloud computing (InfoWorld, 2013).  The fees for security utilizing cloud computing, I am sure it is an outstanding amount or it will be.  “While an attacker may not succeed in knocking out a service entirely, he or she "may still cause it to consume so much processing time that it becomes too expensive for you to run and you'll be forced to take it down yourself (InfoWorld, 2013)”.

And then the “due diligence of cloud services”.  Many companies will just purchase into the cloud service “without fully understanding the cloud environment and associated risks” (InfoWorld, 2013).  What this means is that many companies are new to cloud computing; they do not search appropriate 3rd party vendors whom they will be conducting business with.  These vendors basically now have “rights” to your data.  “Entering the cloud can generate contractual issues with providers over liability and transparency. What's more, operational and architectural issues can arise if a company's development team isn't sufficiently familiar with cloud technologies as it pushes an app to the cloud (InfoWorld, 2013)”.

These are just a few of the risks associated with cloud computing.  Deciding on whether to change to the “…aaS – as a Service platform is up to you.  I would just do plenty of research and find the correct vendor to do business with.



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