I have documented all my discussions, projects and different trends from obtaining my Master's in Information Assurance and my Doctorate in Information Technology.

 The key is - Educate

It is crucial that people are educated about security; how to deter from intrusion at ones organization; and most importantly protecting one self.

Building systems and educating on information assurance have been my exposure more than half of my life.

This is my journey of accomplishments, even more Struggles and a few solutions.

I hope you Enjoy!
Data Privacy

Data Privacy

“In a perfect world, all the people engaged in a project would line up in neat rows…precisely the same way. If only that would happen.  There's a constant give-and-take over money, resources, ideas, opportunities, and how things are done” (Project, N.d.).

So, when there is a conflict in a project it is best to know the stakeholders; the analyst should know what the “business goals” are; and then will “want to discover which requirement delivers greater business value” to reach that goal (Project, N.d.).

The technique used to resolve the conflict in the article identifying requirements conflicts and cooperation has a great approach as input is required.  One is able to view the data, “categorize the requirements, review, find “dependencies” and “filter out conflicts” (Egyed & Grünbacher, 2004).  The area that was favorable with this technique is that it allows the “developers the freedom to change requirements and their test cases and refine the hierarchy of software attributes” (Egyed & Grünbacher, 2004).

There is such a thing as ethics and then dealing with the law.  Many will have a different definition in regards to ethics and that is going to have to be decided beforehand with the stakeholders and the analyst.  There would be in depth discussion if it was outside ones ethical framework.  Anything that has to do with the law or privacy of an employee or the organization would not be a consideration.  The example of customer data gives “3 main reasons you should care about data privacy”

1.      “It’s the law”

2.      Reputation

3.      Trust from the customer (i-Site, N.d.)

When an organization damages the trust between the employees and the company itself, the moral of the organization diminishes.   Information is gathered more now than ever before with the potential possibly of eliminating intrusion or data breach.  When a company deliberately discloses confidential information it will damage ones reputation and it will be captured as being non-compliant.  Also “companies may also lose out on potential business or partnership opportunities by failing to take privacy into account” (i-Site, N.d.).

mandiant report

mandiant report

Ciphers Substitution / Transposition

Ciphers Substitution / Transposition