I have documented all my discussions, projects and different trends from obtaining my Master's in Information Assurance and my Doctorate in Information Technology.

 The key is - Educate

It is crucial that people are educated about security; how to deter from intrusion at ones organization; and most importantly protecting one self.

Building systems and educating on information assurance have been my exposure more than half of my life.

This is my journey of accomplishments, even more Struggles and a few solutions.

I hope you Enjoy!
leverage cloud computing

leverage cloud computing

Synopses: Enterprises typically leverage cloud computing to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and to promote innovation and virtualization. Cloud computing is a paradigm used to provide access to virtualized resources via an on-demand, metered payment mechanism. Virtualized resources may include business, application, platform, or infrastructure services.  Identify a company where migration to cloud computer has transformed an organization.


Education.  Education is the “word of the day” when talking about transformation.  The company, for this discussion, is Pearson.

“Pearson is using the cloud to transform the way it delivers education worldwide. The cloud is enabling Pearson to establish a more flexible global hybrid infrastructure with common systems and processes, which frees up resources to invest in new, more web-oriented educational products that deliver measurable outcomes for learners (Guido, 2014)”.

Just over the last few years, the transformation has changed tremendously and for the better; education has exploded in regards to online capabilities including eBooks and email and the many resources available. 

“Cloud computing can help you reduce IT costs and increase efficiency (Cloud, N.d.)”.  Pearson stated that they actually have “faster internet at work than at home” (Guido, 2014).  With the reduction of “bottlenecks” due to the cloud, Pearson announced the availability of SuccessMaker at a sales conference and within a matter of weeks, the sales team had a significant number of new customers either purchasing licenses or starting pilot programs (Pearson, N.d.)”. 

Not only has the cloud increased profitability with Pearson, they are able to get “an entire school on a test quickly has really shortened our sales cycle” (Pearson, N.d.). 

            There are many benefits in regards to the cloud:

·         “Flexibility

·         Disaster recovery

·         Automatic software updates

·         Work from anywhere

·         Environmentally friendly (Social, N.d.)”

Just the “flexibility, alone, working from anywhere and document control” as these would be top selectors for many (Social, N.d.).   Utilizing the cloud can be used from your handset and tablet which are very important to all the travelers within an organization. 

“Document control is keeping all the files in one central location, and everyone works off of one central copy. Employees can even chat to each other whilst making changes together. This whole process makes collaboration stronger, which increases efficiency and improves a company’s bottom line (Social, N.d.)”.

Even while there are many potential risks  – See: Cloud Computing Risks, cloud computing does have great benefits. 

global data distribution

global data distribution